Physical Security

Guarding is a major component of our work,this is a highly effective visual and physical deterrent,remove unauthorized people offsite and deter theft. The service offered by our security officers ranges from access control, receptionists,customer care officers and help desk support, total security solutions.

The candidates undergo a thorough selection and vetting procedure before being put through training regime encompassing theory and practice and general guarding duties in a variety of settings.

Our fully trained mobile patrol officers wear the highly recognizable uniforms, which act as a strong visual deterrent to unauthorized people on site, therefore, reducing the likelihood of theft and vandalism.

We have two ways of radio communication and as a vital link to base station/ Control room; it is not just for emergences but also for our general day to day operations

Contact us if you need

  1. Manned guarding
  2. Security systems and technology that include CCTV, Access Control, alarms & electric fencing, Gate Automation etc.
  3. Dog patrol
  4. Response Services
  5. Escort services
  6. Retail security